Running a tax function has always been and continues to be a balancing act. Tax authorities are demanding more transparency, more data, in more detail and more often as HMRC’s Making Tax Digital’ initiative shows, these demands will only increase.

Tax must navigate increasingly complex business and operating models to proactively manage risk for an increasing array of stakeholders from the board to the media. Tax is increasingly asked to 'do more with less' but at the same time is expected to be more proactive and provide more value to the business. Technological advances are now making it possible for the tax function to better achieve this balance.

Our team adopts a flexible approach and includes tax and accounting-qualified professionals, software developers, ERP system experts and project managers. We can  translate between tax and finance requirements and systems design and partner with your tax, finance and business functions, working 'hands on' to deliver the optimal solution.

We can help clients understand where to start, what to change, why and how – and share our insights into what others are doing.

We can custom build the tools you need to run an efficient tax function, including:

  • risk management, data analytics and visualisation dashboards
  • bespoke calculators
  • automated controls and data sourcing, preparation and cleansing routines

We can also implement ready-made solutions, such as:

  • our proprietary suite of solutions, standardised processes, controls ad dashboards
  • robotics to automate processes and controls
  • machine learning to drive decisions
  • improvements to existing systems, data and reports

We can deliver the smooth implementation of technology to make sure it works for your business. This could include:

  • new systems selection and implementations
  • operational transformations
  • tax technology and data strategy development
  • configuration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • identification and delivery of 'quick win' improvements

By working with you on your tax technology, we can help your tax function become more proactive, integrated with the rest of the business and flexible to meet increasing requirements as well as better at identifying and managing risk

We have also helped a number of tax functions operate more efficiently and avoid period/year end resourcing issues.

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Case study: New ERP system

Our client wanted to choose a new ERP system and ensure an effective implementation across tax and finance. We:

  • helped them select the most appropriate system and identify tax requirements
  • worked as part of the project team to make sure the system met their requirements and provided flexibility for the future
  • helped design tax processes and controls including to meet 'Making Tax Digital' requirements
  • identified gaps between requirements and the ERP system's capabilities and ensured these were addressed.

Our client benefited from a successful implementation, improved data quality, automated processes and data analytics, enabling them to work more proactively with the rest of the business and identify risks.

Case study: Data analytics

One of our clients was carrying out its VAT and corporate tax data analysis processes in Excel. To help them improve, we:

  • built bespoke analytics dashboards and automated processes to source, validate and feed the data into them
  • built tests and exceptions reports with intuitive drill-down capability so the client could easily investigate issues
  • implemented robotics to automate the data-sourcing process and machine learning to capture key decisions.

Our work reduced the time the client was spending on these processes by 80% and improved the accuracy of reviews. The client benefited from improved tax positions and is now able to carry out more timely reviews throughout the year.

Case study: Tax technology strategy

Our client wanted to capitalise on the the fast growing market for technology and was looking for help to define their strategy for data and technology across finance. We:

  • ran workshops to help tax and finance understand where they were, and where they wanted to get to
  • met with the client's IT team to understand their infrastructure and current and future projects to identify opportunities for tax
  • identified quick wins and developed a roadmap for change.

Our work helped the client capture 'quick wins', identify existing systems they could use and identified future IT projects that presented an opportunity for tax to further benefit from automation and improved data quality.