In recent years, HMRC has become aggressive towards perceived tax avoidance, implementing many new initiatives and introducing new powers to tackle avoidance.

Some of these powers aim to remove a perceived cash-flow advantage in entering into transactions with a tax-planning component. However, HMRC is also offering some specific settlement opportunities with favourable terms for a limited period, combined with recourse to the courts.

HMRC has publicised that, in recent years, it considers it has won 80% of tax cases in court. The result is a hostile new climate for trying to resolve historic tax planning or structures with HMRC. At Grant Thornton, we can help.

How we can help

With Grant Thornton, you'll work with experts at negotiating with HMRC who aim to seek pragmatic and fair solutions for all parties. In cases of perceived tax avoidance, this can be challenging, as the public perception of what is reasonable has changed radically. 

However, we can advise you on the tax-rate settlement opportunities and timeframes involved. You'll receive an initial opinion on your strategic options, or a second opinion on a tax structure or set of transactions. 

We can also review your tax structures or arrangements to check they operated as intended. This will give you an accurate view of what your tax exposure might be.

Finally, you can access our advice on HMRC's new powers, such as:

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