Most HMRC enquiries and investigations can be settled by discussion and negotiation. However, if HMRC reaches a conclusion that you do not agree with, there are several routes to challenge it.

Some are more complex and time consuming than others, so it is important to get expert advice about your options or you may find yourself on the wrong end of an unfavourable decision that you cannot overturn.

What options are available?

The best action to take depends on the type of dispute and the amount of money at stake.

The first line of defence might be to ask HMRC to carry out an Internal Review (IR). This is a review carried out by an independent HMRC officer who has not been involved in the enquiry.. 

Alternatively, or subsequently, some cases might be suitable for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.  This is essentially a mediation which encourages the parties back to the negotiating table to try and resolve their dispute by open and controlled discussion.

If these options are not suitable or do not resolve the issues satisfactorily, you may choose to take your case through the Tax Tribunal System.

However, it is vitally important to understand your options, chances of success and the advantages and disadvantages of each before proceeding with the above dispute resolution options.

Our expert team can guide you through the most suitable options

We can deal with all of the above dispute resolution processes and have highly experienced tax experts to prepare and present cases for the IR and ADR processes. We also have skilled experts who regularly take cases to both First and Second Tier Tax Tribunals and we work closely with tax Counsel if required.

As part of our consultative process we can explain these to you in plain English to help you to make the right decision, then guide you through the process from start to finish to try ensure that you achieve a favourable outcome.

We recommend anyone affected by the above scenarios, to contact our expert team immediately, for a no obligation, no fee initial discussion. Together we can achieve the most favourable outcome.

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