In recent years, there's been a big shift in the public debate on tax. Today paying tax is often viewed as a moral duty, not just a legal obligation.

While news on tax controversies were once confined to broadsheet business pages, tax is increasingly headline news in social and mainstream media.

When it comes to managing disputes or debates with HMRC, individuals and dynamics businesses face major reputational risks. At Grant Thornton, we can help reduce those threats. 

Setting your tax arrangements straight

Many people want to review tax-planning arrangements that they once believed were legal and reasonable. Others are worried that historic tax structures are vulnerable to information exchanges between tax and financial authorities, or through recent HMRC powers such as accelerated payment notices, follower notices, and the general anti abuse rule (GAAR). 

High-net-worth individuals may also be concerned about HMRC using new legislation, such as the statutory residence test, or long-running domicile enquiries. For corporates, the relationship with an HMRC client relationship manager or customer coordinator might be the main worry. 

Whatever your issues or concerns, you can trust our experience in managing dialogue with HMRC. Our role involves constantly monitoring HMRC activity, so we're well placed to advise you what an unexpected letter or call from HMRC might mean. 

We can also give you an initial opinion on your strategic options or a second opinion on a tax structure or set of transactions. You'll find we can uncover the mysteries surrounding HMRC's many processes and procedures. 

Issues we can help you with include:

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