HMRC periodically introduces campaigns aimed at businesses it considers prone to evading tax. The campaigns offer favourable settlement terms for those who voluntarily disclose undeclared income or gains.

HMRC is currently running the let property campaign, which applies to those with undeclared property income or gains.


Alongside such campaigns, HMRC uses taskforces to identify and investigate individuals and businesses operating in specific sectors that HMRC considers prone to tax evasion. Recent taskforces include restaurants in the North East and the Scottish Fishing Industry. Since 2011, HMRC has collected £156 million from 70 task forces. 

Under a taskforce, HMRC has access to a full range of civil and criminal sanctions against those found to be evading tax and a taskforce does not offer the same settlement opportunities as a campaign. A taskforce investigation can be stressful and time consuming, and involve extensive reviews of business records.

To act as a deterrent, taskforces may also publish the names of tax evaders, under the publishing names of deliberate defaulters initiative. 

Helping you deal with campaigns and taskforces

As specialists in dealing with tax enquiries, you can call on Grant Thornton for support. We have extensive experience in helping clients solve their problems and negotiating with HMRC. This might involve clients making unprompted disclosures or HMRC starting investigations. Whatever the situation, our aim is to seek to secure a fair outcome for you. 

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