If you receive notification from HMRC of their intention to investigate your tax affairs criminally, or they ask you to cooperate with a potential criminal investigation, you should seek immediate professional advice.

Criminal investigation, with a view to prosecution, is an important part of HMRC's enforcement and deterrent strategy and HMRC are significantly increasing the number of criminal investigations it conducts.

How can you prevent or manage a criminal investigation?

If you are aware of serious irregularities in your tax affairs, making a voluntary disclosure to HMRC can, in the vast majority of cases, help you avoid prosecution.

Depending on circumstances, disclosure can often be made via one of HMRC's disclosure facilities such as the Contractual Disclosure of Fraud (CDF), or the Common Reporting Standard.

In those rare instances when HMRC wish to pursue a criminal investigation, we have established links with leading legal firms to ensure that you obtain the  appropriate level of defence.

We recommend anyone affected by the above scenarios, to contact our expert team immediately, for a no obligation, no fee initial discussion. Together we can achieve the most favourable outcome.

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