HMRC investigates cases involving tax avoidance arrangements, or particularly complex tax technical matters, under the terms of its Code of Practice 8 (COP8).

Although investigations under COP8 do not involve allegations of fraud, they can be converted into a COP9 enquiry or even into a criminal prosecution if evidence of fraud is found. Advisory support is recommend to handle the complexities of a COP8 enquiry.

Because of the complexity of the issues involved, COP8 cases can be very lengthy, sometimes taking several years to complete if not handled carefully and actively. We can guide you expertly through the COP8 process and seek to ensure that you achieve a favourable conclusion as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you receive a letter from HMRC referring to COP8, it is advisable to take expert advice immediately.

Our team of experts can support you through the entire process of COP8 enquiry

We have extensive experience of dealing with COP8 investigations, and can take control of matters from the start, making sure that HMRC remain focused and specific. We also ensure that if there are any irregularities HMRC may view as fraudulent, you will be  protected from prosecution by making a full disclosure to HMRC.

We have highly experienced experts who can help manage your complex tax technical issues, so whatever questions and concerns HMRC have, we will seek to defend you robustly.

We recommend anyone affected by the above scenarios, to contact our expert team immediately, for a no obligation, no fee initial discussion. Together we can achieve the most favourable outcome.

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