Tax regulations are changing fast. And your business is facing more complex challenges than ever before.

These include complicated indirect reporting requirements, and the need to account for the right tax, in the right jurisdiction, at the right time. These problems multiply if your business operates globally or has a complex supply chain.

That's not all. Many tax authorities are now showing interest in company processes and controls. So you'll need to be transparent and show that your systems and policy are robust and adequate. However, many legacy billing and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies struggle with VAT functionality and localisation. At Grant Thornton, we can provide the tax technology and automation support you need.

Putting the right technology in place

Our team will help you access the technology required to determine and report indirect tax. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we'll help you choose the technology that's right for you, from a suite of solutions, providers and consultants.

For example, you might need a tax engine. This can bolt on to your ERP, billing systems or middleware, making sure you charge the relevant tax rate. A third-party provider will maintain and update your system, ensuring it keeps pace with changing rules. In fact, we've helped many clients in this way, connecting them to solutions such as ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance or Workflow Manager and Vertex. Because we're independent, you can relax knowing we'll impartially recommend a solution that works best for your business.

Connecting with international experts

You'll gain access to our international network of member firms, which can bring additional skills and experience to your project team. Through our technical experience, we will ensure our solutions are scalable -perfect for future country rollouts. Our international indirect tax expertise will also ensure you comply with VAT, GST and sales tax, wherever your business operates.

Our services:

You'll gain access to our full range of tax technology and automation services, including: 

  • impartially discussing possible solutions
  • developing business cases
  • formulating a tax technology strategy and roadmap
  • selecting vendors
  • facilitating introductions to solution providers
  • arranging solution demonstrations
  • tax requirements gathering
  • implementation and project management.
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