A benefits package should support your business by attracting, motivating and retaining the right talent, and reinforcing your culture.

Best of all, the right package will do all this tax-efficiently. At Grant Thornton, we can recommend innovative solutions from across the marketplace that support everything you want to achieve.

There's more. To maximise the impact of your investment in employee benefits, we can help you to communicate the value of your benefits package to your employees.

Creating a great benefits package

Employees that appreciate their benefits are more motivated, productive and loyal. Providing health and wellbeing benefits can also lead to a fitter workforce, cutting absenteeism and enabling people to return more quickly to work. 

The first step is to consider your goals. By aligning the benefits to your business objectives, you'll receive a highly relevant and competitive package. If yours is a smaller business, it's also possible to secure a benefits package that conveys the size and quality of a much larger organisation. 

Our services

We can help you comply with auto-enrolment solution legislation simply and cost-effectively. You can also use our services to review your pension scheme to see if it is delivering maximum value to your business. We can also help protect your business from the risk of something happening to the key people who are vital to your business's success. We can help you create a flexible benefits scheme to meet the changing needs of your workforce. 


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