Data vulnerabilities can seriously threaten the value of a business. Breaches in the EU, and increasingly, across the world, are attracting serious fines.

The GDPR introduced fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or 20 million Euros.

Identifying cyber threats before hackers can capitalise on them can keep you and your customers safe and provide objective assessments of risks to your business, partners, potential acquisitions and from your suppliers.

Helping you to understand the life cycle of cyber crime

Our cyber security team are experts in data governance and understanding the life cycle of cyber crime. We will assess your current risks and exposures to help prepare you for the barrage of attacks on your IT defences.

Our pre-emptive services, CyberScore and covert imminent breach system (CIBS) subscription, alert you to cyber security threats that may pose a risk to your organisation. Our intensive testing services gather data about your organisation and interpret it to present a view of your security posture. We convert identified vulnerabilities into get well plans and risk management reports, and inform you of known and unknown historical attacks that have successfully compromised your data - even those you may not be aware of.

By understanding cyber criminals' methodologies and what they are after, you can minimise the risk of attacks. Threat hunting within your business allows our experts to implement targeted, cost effective solutions to remedy the breaches we have identified. And combined with our managed detection and response capabilities, we can provide continuous assessments of your data estate, alerting you to evolving attacks and helping to keep your data safe.

Key benefits

  • Understand your risks to prevent attacks
  • Uncover hidden dangers within your business
  • Secure your data and prevent fines and legal sanctions
Partner, Head of the Digital Forensics Group Vijay Rathour

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