Data is the lifeblood of your business. It’s the source code for your programs, the algorithms for your trading platform, the purchasing patterns of your customers and the backbone of a modern business.

Reliable forensic collection and interrogation of data is critical in both criminal law and private investigations.

It’s not only the rising volume of data that is an issue, but also the variety of data sources, from social media, audio and video, big data and embedded systems. Businesses and their advisers are also facing an increasing variety of regulatory and investigatory challenges. Obligations to prevent unethical business conduct such as bribery, corruption and tax evasion, alongside conventional civil and criminal offences, create an evolving data governance and compliance burden.

Supporting you across the entire lifecycle of your investigations

Our digital forensics group has the expertise to support you across the entire lifecycle of your investigations, data collections and compliance planning. From the collection or receipt of data sources, through to production of evidence and reports, the group operates a standard set of protocols designed to exceed the gold standards, including the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council) guidelines on evidence handling.

We situate forensic labs around the world, many certified to ISO 27001 or equivalent. Our staff are experienced, talented, certified and credentialed, and oversight is undertaken by seasoned and recognised experts with backgrounds in law, law enforcement, and the security services. They have been involved in writing some of the standards applied by courts and regulators.

We have expert witness experience, both written and in court, and our protocols are designed and tested for defensibility.

Our digital forensics and investigation group can support you with:

Computer forensics

  • Data mapping - Understanding the data environment to identify valuable information repositories
  • Preservation and collection - Capture of relevant structured and unstructured data sources, ‘covertly’ or ‘live’, both hardware and software

Digital forensics and data analytics

  • Processing - Refining, selecting and transferring the selected data population for review and sharing
  • Analysis and review - eDiscovery, data analytics, clustering, visualisation. Interrogation and presentation of results
Partner, Head of the Digital Forensics Group Vijay Rathour

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