Take back the power to understand the cyber security risks to your organisation.

This tool will enable you to see the areas where action can be taken to neutralise threats.

Understanding cyber security threats

One in every two UK businesses will face a cyber attack in the next year. Our cyber health check provides you with an objective, jargon-free assessment of your current cyber security, drawing on both qualitative and quantitative elements.

With the average cyber attack costing in excess of £1 million, our health check uses industry best practice and guidance to help you prioritise areas for improvement and track progress over time. And with cyber risk increasingly falling under the direct oversight of the C-Suite, our health check also gives non-cyber experts a clear, concise understanding of current security posture.

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Know the risks

Educate those in your organisation about cyber risk and how to protect against threats.

Mitigate threats

Understand the key areas across people, processes and technology where immediate action can be taken to mitigate threats.

Prevent data leaks

Determine what data may be leaking from your own systems, being made available by third party services or available for sale on the dark web.

James Arthur, Partner, Head of cyber consulting

"Businesses need to understand where their weak points are to counter the threat effectively. A pre-prepared response plan allows a business to do the right thing quickly, in a situation where every minute counts."

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Use our health check to understand your current cyber security position with a guided assessment, covering key categories such as key risks, security configuration, user education and awareness, and monitoring.

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