The cyber security skills shortage represents a significant risk to organisations who wish to do business in the digital age.

The shortfall – projected to reach 1.8 million by 2022 – will exacerbate the already difficult task of managing cyber security risks, and increase the cost of hiring professionals to an unsustainable level.

The economics of supply and demand make it hard to recruit and retain skilled personnel across every industry sector.

Many organisations are leaving key posts unfilled or filling them with keen but unqualified people. This leaves organisations at risk from cyber-attack, fines or lost business due to poor cyber security.

Develop an effective and efficient in-house cyber capability

Build an enduring in-house cyber security capability with our cost effective cyber staff development programme. We'll help you to identify staff with aptitude and enthusiasm for cyber, saving you money and time on recruitment.

We help you to improve the general awareness of your own staff by transforming and growing a workforce that can operate safely, effectively, and efficiently in the networked world. At the same time, we recognise cyber risks and training needs vary considerably according to an organisation’s size and sector.

Key benefits for your organisation:

  • Reduce your cyber recruitment costs and improve employee retention and morale
  • Tailored and bespoke training programmes specific to clients’ requirements
  • A more effective cyber workforce who already know your systems and culture

Our cyber awareness and training programme consists of:

  • Scoping – we meet with you to understand your requirements for staff, current staffing profile, timescales and appetite for trying to identify cyber potential within existing staff pools.
  • Programme design – we work with you to design a bespoke identification and training programme utilising a range of tools and techniques to deliver rapid and focused results.
  • Training programme delivery – we oversee the delivery of a customised cyber training programme – ranging from bespoke training courses through to Cyber MSc programmes.

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