Build your relationship and place-based leadership skills with our nine-month immersive leadership programme run in partnership with Collaborate CIC.

Join other local leaders from across different sectors to develop a collective understanding of your place and plan together for a better future.

Explore and design new approaches to tackle your cross cutting local challenges

The future of local leadership is about building broad coalitions for change and collaborating to resolve complex issues.

Over a nine-month period, which will incorporate four bespoke workshops, the PlaceMakers programme will explore three core components of place-based leadership.

These include: 

  • Knowledge to understand place – Drawing on in-depth data and analysis, you will gain insight into your place and build a shared understanding of local challenges and opportunities
  • Confidence to work in new ways – Understand what system leadership means for you and your organisation, and practise applying system thinking through prototypes enabling you to learn and adapt as you go
  • Sustainable partnerships – Collectively identify what challenges you want to address together, and how this will evolve to secure sustainable change

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Access to our unique tools and platforms

Benefit from access to Place Analytics, our online platform that distils thousands of key data sets from your place providing deep insight into your area.

Future orientated

Lays foundations for lasting change and identifies opportunities to share learning and practice.


Open to leaders across public, private, voluntary, social enterprise, charitable and civic institutions.

Join a growing and dynamic group of learning-oriented, like-minded leaders from your place who will support one another, challenge processes, and problem-solve together.

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PlaceMakers is run in partnership with Collaborate CIC, an organisation which helps public services collaborate to tackle complex social challenges.