The UK market has a complex set of interacting policy instruments affecting supply and demand and the current government has implemented some major changes during its term of office.

New policies include:

  • Low Carbon Electricity generation: a Feed-In Tariff for smaller scale renewable energy projects and a Contract for Difference for larger renewables projects and nuclear
  • Managing baseload / peak demand: a Capacity Mechanism, including demand-side reduction
  • Energy Efficiency: Green Deal and ECO for retrofit of buildings
  • Renewable heat: the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive 

Public sector organisations, particularly local authorities, but also health sector organisations and other parts of government, are starting to draw on some of these mechanisms and other policy instruments to think about and develop corporate structures to deliver sustainable growth in their area, address social inequalities, save money or potentially generate revenues for their own account. Our advisory services draw on our deep understanding of the energy, waste and renewables sector as well as public sector procurement policy and project finance advice, valuations, feasibility studies, business cases, strategy reviews and market assessments to assist our clients in creating workable and deliverable solutions.

  • We also provide advice to support policy implementation, working with central government departments, agencies and NDPBs, such as the Carbon Trust, Ofgem, DECC, Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS), the Crown Estate and Water Industry Commission for Scotland and are closely involved with the public sector in all of the leading edge renewable technologies.
  • We advised Scottish Government on strategies to accelerate the development of low carbon projects in Scotland
  • We are currently advising DECC on the evaluation of the Department’s Electricity Market Reform programme.
  • We recently completed the business case for the Greater London Authority on the next stage of support for district heating projects in London Boroughs
  • We have advised or are acting for a number of local authorities on their energy from waste projects at various stages of development, including: Lancashire, the multi-authority Clyde Valley, Cardiff. West Sussex and North London Waste Authority
  • We act as financial adviser to Ofgem on their Transmission Round 2 OFTO programme.
  • We are advising the Carbon Trust on the distribution of finance for the Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund.
  • We also bring extensive commercialisation experience in the sector, having advised developers and early stage companies on financing a wide range of technologies, including: onshore and offshore wind, hydro, anaerobic digestion, district heating, solar and electric vehicles.