The overall health and wellbeing of individuals across the country is being improved by social prescribing - non-clinical services that offer people personalised support, connecting them with services in the community.

This can involve a variety of services, activities and groups, typically provided by voluntary and community sector organisations, including advice, financial support, emotional wellbeing, physical activity, work and learning and practical support groups.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), local authorities, GPs, communities and residents are all realising the benefits of this initiative to help people lead healthier and more connected lives.

The benefits are also having a cost impact on the sector. The Local Government Association calculated that primary prevention is likely to be 24 to 40 times more cost effective over a lifetime with up to £21 saving for every £1 invested on certain social projects. In 2014, a social prescribing pilot resulted in a reduction in costs of between £265 and £378 per patient over a 12 month period.

Helping you to strengthen the impact of social prescribing across your local community

The NHS long-term plan has presented a unique opportunity to implement social prescribing more widely. We have partnered with Bromley by Bow Insights to help you establish an effective social prescribing model as part of a Primary Care Network or across a CCG/local authority area.

Our unique partnership brings together 35 years of community development experience, including:

  • Developing social prescribing for primary care networks and CCGs
  • A significant track record of developing and sharing innovative practice and delivering high-quality training
  • A multi-disciplinary team with a wide range of expertise including social prescribing scheme managers and general practice clinicians
  • Demographic and socio-economic analytical capability through our suite of insight platforms, including Place Analytics, Adult Social Care and CFO insights
  • Access to our accredited and non-accredited training programmes for social prescribing link workers

In helping you to establish and implement your social prescribing model we will:

  • Shape the foundation of the social prescribing model through key stakeholder engagement, relationship building, operational planning and local area analysis
  • Develop the model through the roll out of operational processes, development of local networking/relationship strategy including within the voluntary sector and the introduction of referral pathways and a community provider checklist
  • Help sustain and support your model through strategic reporting, literature review and peer support facilitation
  • Up-skill practice staff including GPs, nurses and receptionists to understand the benefits of social prescribing for them and their patients, and how to effectively make a referral on to the service
  • Support joined up planning and delivery across your neighbourhood(s)

To find out more please contact Alex Khaldi and Dan Hopewell.

Partner, Head of Social Care Insights Alex Khaldi

+44 (0)20 7184 4549

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