Social care is often the number one issue for local authorities given the trilemma of shrinking budgets, an ageing population and rising costs.

Every council faces challenges based on their local population and funding characteristics. But whilst funding is important, councils also need to consider:

  • What kind of care people want in later life and how local authorities can prepare for it
  • How people with disabilities are included in society
  • How to give children a better start in life
  • How to create better products and services for people needing social care

Sustainability and quality

We approach the adult social care market by addressing the three key drivers of sustainability and quality - independent lives, resilient organisations and vibrant care markets. This ensures:

  • the creation of care packages that give users a better experience and maximise their independence
  • councils are the best they can be at managing demand
  • service providers supply commissioners and care users with the right capacity at the right price.

Our approach

Our purpose is to shape a vibrant economy. This means, we approach our clients’ adult social care issues in a way that is authentic to our purpose and ethical for the people who need care.

Working closely with our local government and insights & analytics teams, our adult social care team specialises in large-scale social care change programmes which provide clients with savings of up to £20-100 million. Our deep-dive data driven approach not only identifies transformation opportunities but we also design and deliver robust solutions in collaboration with social care teams. This means better results for service users and a more engaged social care workforce.


  • Providing people with sustainable care solutions
  • Accurate demand forecasts by need, cases and financials
  • Compelling care market insight and intervention strategies
  • Significant net cost savings (typically 10%) and improved operational effectiveness

Social care is something that affects us all – so whatever your challenge, we can help you tackle one of the biggest issues of our time. 

Adult social care insights

Use our intuitive tool to bring together nationwide adult social care data, understand how your council is performing and help you make better decisions for your local care population.

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