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Financial services investigations

Financial services investigations by experienced forensic accountants and corporate investigators

To make the right choices, you need the right intelligence. Our expert investigators and forensic accountants quickly establish the facts, enabling your business to move forward.

Issues and allegations are unfortunately unavoidable in financial services. When issues arise, you need to investigate and identify the truth of the matter carefully, proportionately and accurately.

Whether it's a whistleblower allegation, an internal issue or a regulatory enquiry, support from Grant Thornton's forensic accountancy services can provide you with access to:

  • Capacity
  • Geographical reach
  • Tools and technology
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Support around bias or conflicts of interest.

We are expert forensic investigators with extensive expertise and knowledge within the financial services sector.

We have a proven track record in assisting successful:

  • Civil proceedings
  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Regulatory enforcement actions
  • Remedial strategies for financial services companies, regulators and state institutions
  • Pre-enforcement advisory
  • Investigations covering a range of areas, including transgressions and violations of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and Criminal Finance Act 2017
  • Allegations of bribery and corruption, market abuse, fraud and asset misappropriation
  • Financial misreporting
  • Non-financial misconduct
  • Culture and integrity issues.

Partner, Head of Investigations

Steve Holt

+44 (0)20 7728 3289

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How can forensic accountancy services help you?

Emergency response

We are ready to respond at short notice - to provide advice, lead the investigation or augment an existing team.

Financial data analysis

We combine our forensic accounting skills and regulatory knowledge with technology and experience to mine and analyse all relevant information sources, including transactional data, communications, externally sourced intelligence, books and records and witnesses.

Our team specialise in complex and sensitive investigations, supporting you to effectively interrogate data to advance your investigations. The team use protocols that exceed standards expected by most international regulators and courts. We use the latest technologies, including data analytics and artificial intelligence, to identify anomalous behaviours that can pinpoint issues such as irregular trading and fraud.

Corporate intelligence

Our corporate intelligence team provides insights and equips us with the information tools necessary to take strategic decisions and mitigate risk, delivering actionable intelligence, conducting robust and bespoke research tailored to the issues directly affecting your business.

Collaborative approach

We work closely and collaboratively with clients and other advisors to ensure risks are identified and appropriate next steps are considered. We regularly work on matters that leverage the skills of legal (internal and external) advisors to ensure clients receive effective and efficient support.