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Matrimonial services

With Grant Thornton, you can be confident of getting advice from some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the field of matrimonial financial matters.

We provide a distinctive, high-quality and personalised service to family lawyers and individuals across the UK both pre and post-marriage.

Our matrimonial experts are experienced in appearing in Court, lecturing on topics such as valuations, realising value and understanding accounts.  Our team includes published authors on the topic of valuations.

Financial proceedings

In financial proceedings, we have experience of acting as party expert, single joint expert, shadow expert and adviser.  Our experience and membership of Resolution means that we understand fully the need to provide a cost effective service that meets the requirements of the Court.  We are able to offer advice on settlements and we look to persuade and find common ground with other experts, where possible, to contain costs.


One of the areas in which we are most frequently instructed is to provide business and share valuations for use in matrimonial proceedings.  In many cases, the business value constitutes a significant part of any financial assets considered in divorce proceedings and so it is particularly important to obtain robust advice from experienced valuers.


Our tax team are frequently involved in matrimonial work.  We can provide expert tax witness services to clarify any taxation issues that may arise on a financial settlement, which can be a significant factor in deciding the best way to fund any settlement awarded.


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