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Technology risk services

Technology has been a key driver for success and operational efficiency in all industries.

The proliferation of IT across all industry sectors, through innovations such as social media, digital platforms and cloud computing, as well as increased threats around data governance and cyber security, heightens the importance of effective technology risk management.

Electronic infrastructure continues to be the key enabler in integrating business process globally and gaining a competitive advantage. As technology solutions have become increasingly sophisticated, so has the need for effective assurance.

Organisations are increasingly seeking technology advisory and assurance solutions that are technically equipped to add value to the business at the right point in time, while also delivering independent verification of the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information throughout.

What you need to do now

Effective technology risk management requires a co-ordinated and integrated approach that:

  • considers business risks in their entirety, rather than traditional IT centric thinking
  • understands the wide ranging risks to your digital strategy
  • assesses and highlights risks from selection to implementation of new technology solutions
  • tests and evaluates risks within your business and IT resilience infrastructure
  • understands the implications of your data governance and security policies / procedures.

How we can help

Our technology risk services team is comprised of highly specialised and experienced technology professionals. This team combines its expertise in assurance and regulatory requirements with years spent in industry to deliver a robust yet pragmatic service.

We are able to use this deep technical skillset to provide co-sourced and outsourced technology audit capability to an organisation, or discrete assurance reviews over key areas of risk such as:

  • System selection and specification
  • IT change advisory & assurance
  • IT programme management
  • Data governance
  • Data and digital security
  • IT outsourcing and third party management
  • IT operations assurance
  • Business and IT resilience