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Finance and risk management services

Our clients continue to prepare for and implement a range of new regulatory requirements, whilst having to navigate the uncertain macro-economic environment and structural change affecting the industry.

Against this backdrop, finance and risk management practitioners are required to balance a range of pressures facing their firms:

  • Scrutiny of risk management and governance practices
  • Increasing capital and liquidity requirements
  • Structural reform, contingency planning and ‘living wills’
  • Personal accountability for senior managers
  • National and supra-national regulatory complexity
  • Increasing external reporting requirements
  • Increasing pressure on the cost base in the context of challenged profitability

In many cases, successfully managing these pressures is critical to ensuring the future viability of even the pre-eminent leaders of the industry.

What you need to do now

Whilst finance and risk professionals have responded admirably to these challenges, further work is required to comply with regulatory change, rebuild confidence in the industry and raise shareholder returns in a sustainable way.

Firms therefore need to:

  • Establish credible capital and liquidity plans
  • Put in place robust funding arrangements
  • Plan for stress events, and provide for their own winding up if their contingency actions fail
  • Demonstrate strong risk management across the entire spectrum of risks facing their business
  • Put in place structures to hold individual managers to account for failures
  • Meet other relevant structural reform requirements imposed by regulators
  • Implement new accounting rules and comply with ever increasing regulatory reporting demands
  • Ensure finance functions are fit for purpose, and are driving optimal cost structures across the firm

How we can help

We work with the full spectrum of financial service firms, from start-ups and ‘challenger’ banks, through to some of the largest global financial institutions in the world.

We partner with clients to drive change agendas and support them in meeting the range of new rules imposed by national and international regulators.

We also provide independent assurance that firms are regulatory compliant or are adequately prepared for upcoming change.

Our team comprises experienced industry practitioners, offering a wealth of expertise across:

  • Capital planning and ICAAPs
  • Treasury and liquidity risk management, ILAAPs
  • Stress testing, and Recovery and Resolution Planning
  • Risk management and hedging strategies
  • Upcoming capital requirement changes – e.g. SACR, IRRBB, FRTB
  • Senior Managers Regime
  • Ring-fencing
  • IFRS9, Prudential Valuation, Pillar III disclosures
  • Regulatory reporting, COREP/FINREP
  • Finance function transformation
  • Cost optimisation strategies

We support not only financial services firms, but are also increasingly seeing demand for state-of-the-art treasury and risk management practices from corporate clients.


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