Economic and market forces have driven organisations through major transformations over the past decade.

As the business community continues to explore new and innovative approaches such as cloud computing, contactless payments and data protection processes, the security threat increases in complexity.

Despite the best endeavours of any organisation, things still go wrong and the risk of cyber breaches requires consideration.

Breaches can occur as a result of malicious attack, human error or system processing failures. These incidents all have the capacity to create business disruption, the unknown variable is the scale or impact of that disruption.  Similarly loss in competitive advantage and/or IP can result in loss of market share.

Currently ranked at number four on the UK’s national risk register and a national security matter, cyber crime is now the most prevalent criminal offence in the UK.

What you should do now

Complacency is no longer an option.  To safeguard reputation, and allow your business to innovate and grow, you need to protect your intellectual property, customer information and other customer information assets by:

  • assessing the effectiveness of their current systems, controls and processes
  • evaluating the performance of your business continuity, IT disaster recovery and crisis management arrangements   
  • reviewing vendors’ and other key partners’ security arrangements
  • establishing long term strategic programmes, designed to maintain and develop the maturity and effectiveness of your cyber resilience arrangements.

How we can help

By training organisations to prepare and deal with incidents, as well providing you with technical support, we can assist you with cyber breaches to limit the damage, establish what went wrong, resolve the situation and then work with you to prevent a reoccurrence.

Our cyber team offers a comprehensive suite of services and business solutions to help you assess and manage any cyber threat in the following areas:

  • Cyber essentials (Prepare, Protect, Detect, Crisis Management, Remediate)
  • Identity and access management
  • Business resilience
  • Payment security
  • Penetration testing
  • Technology security
  • Privacy