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Financial Reporting

Drawing on our extensive financial reporting expertise, we consolidate newly acquired businesses into group accounts, including breaking out recognisable intangible assets from goodwill, in accordance with fair-value financial reporting and the latest accounting principles.

We discuss the critical elements of the valuations with management teams, allowing us to deliver these types of assignment cost-effectively. Our wide range of financial reporting valuations includes:

  • Purchase price allocation under both IFRS 3 and FRS 102
  • Impairment reviews consistent with IAS 32, IAS39 and IFRS13
  • Share option schemes: We provide specialist experience in structuring and valuing share options for employees and directors.
  • Fund administration including Net Asset Value reporting and transfers
Head of Valuations

Tomas Freyman

+44(0) 20 7184 4336

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IFRS 3/FRS 102/ASC 805

Under IFRS 3/FRS 102/ASC 805, where an entity acquires control of another business, it is often required to perform a purchase price allocation (PPA), that is an allocation of the fair value of the consideration between the fair values of the acquired intangible and tangible assets, and goodwill.

Our specialist valuations team has performed hundreds of intangible asset valuations in PPAs and PPA reviews for clients in the UK and internationally.

We also provide valuations of goodwill, intangibles and long-lived assets for impairment testing purposes pursuant to IAS 36 and FRS 102.

Read more: FRS 102 - Changes to recognition criteria for intangible assets >> [ 194 kb ]

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with Rishi Shah.


Our experienced valuations team can assist you with the calculation of the Incremental Borrowing Rates for your lease portfolio at your IFRS 16 transition date and beyond.

We will provide you with a robust report detailing our methodology and key assumptions, which can be shared with your auditors and we will support you throughout the audit process.

Should you require broader support with your IFRS 16 implementation, we work closely with our financial reporting advisory team, who can guide you through the process and provide you with a bespoke model to manage your lease accounting going forward.

Intellectual Property (IP)

While the value of a company’s IP may be well known to management, shareholders and investors, other key stakeholders may want an independent expert view on its fair value. The valuation of IP can be complex and requires and objective and experienced view. Our team of specialists has the technical knowledge to provide you and your stakeholders with guidance and advice required to value your IP.