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Transaction and restructuring tax

Undertaking a transaction, such as fundraising, refinancing, acquiring or disposing of a business or assets, or a more fundamental restructuring is an important step. Businesses, lenders and stakeholders need to understand the impact of that transaction.

Tax is an important consideration. Companies and their stakeholders need to know the tax treatment and that the tax cost is factored into any decisions. That's why it's important to involve transaction and restructuring tax experts before you act. At Grant Thornton, we can provide the expertise you require.

Guiding you through a successful transaction

If you're thinking about a transaction, you'll naturally have commercial considerations at the front of your mind. By involving us early in discussions, you'll receive practical and pragmatic advice that complements your commercial objectives. 

In many cases, considering the potential tax involved in different options can guide your decisions. There are many taxes to consider and the way these taxes interact can create opportunities and risks. We can work with you to grasp those opportunities and minimise the risks.

You will also benefit from our guidance throughout your transaction as we work alongside our advisory colleagues on tax due diligence and business reviews. We can devise deal structures, recommend management incentivisation, and much more, tailored to your needs. Additionally, we can manage interactions with HMRC by submitting upfront clearance applications and reporting paperwork when the deal is complete. 

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