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Separation - divesting and acquiring non-core assets

How do you maximise value when divesting or acquiring non-core assets that have historically been integrated, whilst running your core business at the same time?

 Vendors need to prepare early and comprehensively and should consider success beyond the headline sales price. For purchasers the focus is too often on getting the deal done and ensuring a smooth completion process, but the challenge to realise value from the deal really starts post-completion.

Helping clients manage the risks and maximise the value from of their transactions

Grant Thornton has significant experience of helping corporate and private equity clients achieve their deal goals from complex, cross-border divestments and Separation transactions. We are a senior, experienced team bringing strategic insight and combining deal, sector and functional expertise to help clients capture deal value and protect their business. We work collaboratively across all levels of an organisation from senior management downwards, pre and post deal, to help maximise deal value.

Support for vendors

  • We help vendors to define their most appropriate divestment and separation strategy, considering likely bidder requirements, identifying the key separation issues and developing plans to mitigate and defining optimum standalone operating models and organisation structures backed up by robust financial analyses.
  • We also help vendors to manage the adverse impacts of separation to their retained business and support management to develop robust business plans that reflect upsides when operating independently, that will stand up to bidder interrogation.

Support for purchasers

  • We help purchasers to identify key separation risks, issues and opportunities in their transaction and we provide clarity on both the financial and operational implications of separating the target business from its parent.
  • We help clients to navigate smoothly through deal completion to take control and to establish the new standalone business model, enabling management to focus on  delivery of their business plan, against which success is ultimately measured.
Partner, Head of Operational Deal Services

Alan Dale

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