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Integrations can deliver significant benefits as long as they are executed in the right way. Striking the right balance between a structured process and a tailored approach can be hard to achieve.

We work closely with clients to maximise the value of their transactions. Integrations are challenging – making a deal pay off and avoiding the pitfalls of a transaction is not an easy task, especially when resources are limited and the timeframe is tight. We have worked on over 250 integrations and know that to get it right equal focus needs to be given to four key areas:

Aligning the Vision

Engaging People

Having a clear strategic rationale for the transaction and a sound integration approach

Setting a clear direction and leadership, engaging key stakeholders and addressing cultural challenges

Taking Control

Capturing Value

Protecting the core business and executing the critical actions of strategic, financial and regulatory importance

Rapidly evaluating integration scenarios, quantifying synergies and prioritising quick wins to establish momentum

Because no two integrations are the same, these four building blocks provide a flexible but structured integration approach that allows the business to secure value and manage risk, without becoming overburdened by process.

We help you achieve your goals

  • We are leaders who provide strategic insight based on extensive integration experience, industry sector insight and deep functional expertise gathered over 20 years to help you build and deliver your integration vision
  • We bring your people an independent and objective perspective, collaborating with them to guide them through the complex cultural web of integration
  • We challenge the status quo, give you a point of view and step in to accelerate decision making. We respect your team and are your trusted advisor supporting you by building long-lasting relationships
  • We are agile and build momentum that speeds up the value captured in a limited timeframe.  We identify excellence in your organisation and coach your people to deliver synergies quickly and effectively 

Our services include;

We can support you on both pre and post-deal aspects of a merger or an acquisition. We offer solutions and advice on:

Aligning the Vision

  • Integration strategy and organisational vision
  • Synergy identification, assessment and validation 

Engaging People

  • Organisational design, structure & reward plan
  • Leadership and talent development
  • Cultural alignment 

Taking Control

  • Day 1 planning
  • Integration Management Office 

Capturing Value

  • Target Operating Model development and review
  • Post-Day 1 planning and implementation support
  • Synergy tracking
  • Post-acquisition review
Partner, Head of Operational Deal Services

Alan Dale

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