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Exit readiness / preparation for sale

Value erosion can occur from up to two years before exiting a company.

The business value is often unrealistically 'talked' up, the growth story may not be rigorous, the performance track record is not clear and there may be challenging separation issues.

Businesses are often poorly prepared and by the time this is identified it is too late to have a significant impact on trajectory.

We have proven methods to enhance, present, articulate and defend value

Exiting the ownership of a business can be an emotional and turbulent time for most people.  Having objective advisors who can remove the unnerving uncertainty adds value and we tailor our advice to how close you are to the transaction:

  • Exit readiness – ideally 12 – 18 months ahead of the transaction we can help you identify and implement activities that will dramatically increase the value of your business
  • Preparation for sale – closer to the transaction there are usually less options available, however, we can help you tailor the business to potential buyers and articulate the key value drivers to increase the attractiveness

Our experienced deal advisors can help you to maximise the value in a deal through:

  • Enhancing value - working with you to identify performance opportunities across the whole business, including commercial, operational, technology, tax and working capital improvements
  • Presenting value - helping you articulate your business and tailoring your deal to each type of buyer
  • Articulating value - clarifying the commercial and operational position and supporting evidence to help your buyer understand the detail
  • Defending value - reinforcing the story to ensure the buyers do not try to reduce the price of the business and erode value through negotiations

Our services give you:

  • Early preparation and identification of risks
  • Planning and alternative exit strategies
  • Strong leadership of the exit process, and well supported robust business execution and forecasts
Partner, Head of Operational Deal Services

Alan Dale

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