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Enterprise due diligence

Deals are becoming more competitive as buyers are looking for new ways to create value in a target.

Vendors are also becoming more savvy when marketing their business. Really savvy buyers and vendors are looking at the business in a holistic way incorporating financial, operational and commercial issues and opportunities to maximise value in the deal.

We assess the holistic risks and opportunities

We believe due diligence should be viewed holistically ensuring that issues within a business function are not considered exclusively and look across the whole business. 

We still include traditional operational due diligence issues such as performance improvements, capital expenditure plans and asset assessments, but when taking a more holistic approach it naturally throws up all sorts of new questions, such as, how a capital expenditure plan could be more tax efficient; how the back office will be impacted by the growth plan and how the performance improvements could be used to maximise cash.

With over two thirds of our international team having worked in industry, our experts will work with you to identify the key issues and material opportunities in your deal, helping you bid more safely.

In addition, the opportunities identified will be practical initiatives that you can implement to support and exceed management's business plan.

Our services give you comfort that you are:

  • competitive in the deal
  • informed of the issues
  • ready to execute the opportunities
Partner, Head of Operational Deal Services

Alan Dale

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