The world is becoming more risky. Our clients are contending with volatile currencies, political turmoil and fragile banking systems.

In this situation, your business requires a treasury framework for effective management of banking, liquidity and foreign exchange (FX) exposures, able to administer complex debt facilities and safely invest surplus cash.

As your business grows, whether expansion is organic or the result of M&A activity, the importance of getting treasury right will increase as the organisation becomes more complex and international. 

We can help you set up a treasury from scratch, or adapt your existing one, to meet the challenges of change and expansion, in either a transaction or steady state environment.

Our team of highly experienced treasury consultants have over 25 years of relevant technical experience. We will work directly with you and your finance team to develop a robust and tailored solution that meets your requirements now, and in the future.

Our services

Working with our transaction services, business consulting and debt advisory colleagues, we can help you and your business make the right decisions in the following areas:

  • Treasury assessment – Identifying potential ‘red flag’ issues and outlining the options for change
  • Cash management – Building better liquidity processes with short-term cash forecasting models and policies for investing surplus funds, or managing intercompany flows.
  • Debt compliance – Developing a suite of models that enable you to meet the practical compliance challenges of complicated debt financing agreements
  • Foreign exchange risk – Helping you understand your FX risks better and developing an analytical and policy framework to manage them
  • Treasury system selection (TMS) – Assessing your system requirements before selecting the best TMS to meet your needs
  • Banking – Helping you assess your medium-term banking requirements, matching this to the best bank offering using a structured (RfP) approach
  • Organisational structure – Designing the best treasury function for your organisation
Director, Head of Treasury Advisory Paul Harrison

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