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The core of any successful business strategy is rooted in a clear understanding of the addressable market, customer segmentation and how purchase decisions vary across these, and the sources and sustainability of the competitive advantage of the business.

This challenge becomes more acute in an era of uncertainty, from the European political landscape, technology disruption, and increasing economic influence from China and other developing markets.

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We support you in researching and analysing market dynamics, customer requirements and competition.

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Our research is often an ‘outside-in’ approach focusing on not just desktop research, but primary research methods which includes market/financial analysis and interviews with market experts and competitors.

Much of our experience has been gained from helping private equity houses to make investment decisions and helping management teams to develop growth strategies. Our team has advised private equity houses on deals ranging from £50 million to £800 million and are experienced in understanding and meeting the needs of investment decision-makers, who need to commit significant funding on a deal.

At the heart of any business decision will be a financial forecast. This forecast is likely to come from a financial model that is based on robust assumptions using key commercial parameters. We provide evidence-based views to populate or test these assumptions, based on insights from our primary and secondary research and operational financial analysis.

Clients choose us because of our collaborative approach, but also our frankness in constructively challenging investment thesis, and providing our own robust, evidence-backed opinions on risks and opportunities. We access and leverage our internal and external global network of sector experts, to deliver early insights on your industry.


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Our services

Commercial due diligence (CDD)

CDD is increasingly becoming a pre-requisite for transactions providing confidence of a deal’s potential as well as reassurance on sustainability of profits to investors. We deliver thoughtful, robust advice focusing on the key issues that impact value so that we deliver conclusive insight at the demanding pace of mergers and acquisitions.

Our senior team has experience conducting commercial diligence on deals between £50 million and £1 billion across a wide range of sectors. Each project is customised to address your key questions and hypotheses, which typically cover:

  • identifying and qualifying drivers of business value
  • building or validating robust growth forecasts
  • defining and evaluating addressable market size
  • understanding the impact of disruptors and other risks.
Strategy development

We work with leadership teams to provide insightful and pragmatic solutions that address a range of challenges your business will face. As an objective scalable resource, our collaborative and pragmatic style will ensure that you:

  • gain an evidence base for your strategic decisions
  • are provided with clear direction
  • increase your revenues/expand your business (new customers, geographies, products, channels)
  • create sustainable competitive advantage.
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Strategy group insights

In an era of uncertainty, it is important for businesses to consider market dynamics and potential future scenarios.

Discover our experts' analytical and research-driven insights