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Trade relations between the US and the UK have always been strong, benefiting from a shared language and history, as well as comparable regulatory structures.

The US is currently the UK’s largest single-country trade partner. US businesses see the UK as an attractive place to do business due to its centre of excellence for tech and innovation, and its convenient geography and time zone. The large consumer population makes the US an attractive place for UK businesses looking to expand internationally. Both countries have a reputable base for financial services.

Agility and expertise that spans the Atlantic

Our US business group, based in the UK, works with clients across tax, audit and advisory services on both sides of the Atlantic. We help businesses establish a solid base and can review and increase value in existing operations in both regions.

With expertise in audit compliance, regulation and tax, including how the different regimes interact with each other, we ensure you are aware of, and are compliant with, statutory reporting requirements to avoid any surprises as your business expands. You will be working closely with our US colleagues to support you in a coordinated, agile and responsive way.

For UK companies looking to the US for their next step, our knowledge and experience of doing business in the US will facilitate your entry to market. We can introduce you to key contacts and make sure you have all the information and expertise you need to operate with confidence. The US is a vast geography with many differences between regions in terms of demographics, state and local laws. We can help you understand the state specific requirements, particularly with regard to taxes, that you will need for a successful expansion.

To set up and grow in the US and UK we can help you:

  • ensure compliance with local obligations across a range of taxes
  • keep abreast of developments in cross border tax including transfer pricing and management of cross border structures
  • comply with your financial reporting obligations by providing conversion services for IFRS, UK GAAP and US GAAP
  • understand changes in accounting standards such as IFRS 9, IFRS15, IFRS16, IFRS17, ASC 606 and ASC 842 with our impact assessments
  • identify statutory reporting requirements and conduct local audits
  • with all aspects of M&A activity from identifying opportunities to executing deals and transitioning post-completion
  • review your operating framework to identify efficiencies and savings
  • ensure your business is appropriately structured to support growth on entering new markets.

You can expect a local, hands-on approach supported by our global reach. We will apply our extensive experience of advising businesses on international expansion to help you understand what to expect from your next move, and how to de-risk and optimise your business as it expands.


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