Organisations see data as an asset. Managed well, data can help define long-term business strategy, enhance systems and streamline business processes, better manage risks out of the business and help gain competitive advantage.

Yet many fail to realise its true potential. For some, the challenge is the sheer volume of data, or identifying actionable insights and for others it’s due to the cost and time implications.

Our experience working with dynamic high growth businesses and building unique, market leading analytics platforms gives us unrivalled insight into how data can be used to transform organisations.

Smart, actionable insights to transform your organisation

Our insight and analytics team adds value to our clients’ organisations by:

  • offering a robust analytics programme for transforming data into business and operational insight
  • delivering actionable insight that underpins better, data-driven decisions which drive action
  • developing analytics products and partnerships that make getting value from data easier and more efficient.

We work with clients across four disciplines:

  • Decision analytics – this combines sophisticated technology with data science techniques and industry expertise to deliver insights that drive action. Our Illumin applied analytics lab methodology provides a structured process to help clients maximise the value of data for their organisation.
  • Insight platforms – these enable clients to address recurrent challenges by having the ability to analyse rapidly thousands of curated data sets. Our platforms can also be accessed through the purchase of bespoke research reports.
  • Insight solutions design – this helps clients configure operational insights and analytics programmes to optimise business performance. This ranges from the development of reporting dashboards that enable easier access to their data through to the design of more bespoke analytics programmes specifically tailored to the organisation’s needs.
  • Public Sector Insight Studio – this builds on our strength in public service advisory services, to provide a suite of bespoke platforms and analytics programmes specifically for organisations in the public sector.

Our proprietary analytics platforms are:

  • Place Analytics – the business insight platform to help you understand places, people, economies and markets
  • Supply Chain Insights – market insights for public sector commissioners and suppliers
  • CFO Insights – an online financial analysis tool from Grant Thornton and CIPFA 
  • Care Insights – evidence supply and demand for elderly residential care 
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