The rapid evolution of technological, economic and social trends is changing the world of business. Companies need to be innovative and adapt much more quickly.

The rapid evolution of technological, economic and social trends is changing the world of business. Companies need to be innovative and adapt much more quickly. To do this effectively, they need the infrastructure in place to support, manage and inform how they do this, as well as professional change management and transformation project management. The time to plan for change is now.

Successful delivery of change initiatives within businesses often fail as they don't consider what they are seeking to achieve from the offset and underestimate the complexities involved. The result is a poor implementation, impacted by delays and increased cost, as well as a conflict between delivery and business as usual. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When planned effectively, the successful delivery of change initiatives can strengthen your infrastructure and embed lasting improvements. We have an experienced team that will support you through your journey to create an innovative culture that drives sustainable change and supports the long-term growth of your business.

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How we can help

We tailor our transformation project management approach to the requirements and maturity of your business, and the complexities of the change initiative involved. We engage with you and your teams and define our approach accordingly.


In our approach to transformation, we focus on understanding how a specific programme of work fits in the wider context of the organisation and its needs.

We can help clients deliver their transformation outcomes against the following five levers:

1 Setting the direction

  • A clear strategic rationale for the transformation
  • Clarity and depth of understanding on what success looks like, and when it will be achieved
  • Understand how we will engage people through change and what will be required to deliver the transformation
  • Clarity on the non-negotiables, measures of success and key decisions to be made
  • Clarity on the transformation team structure, resourcing and governance
  • Alignment of the key stakeholders and commitment to lead the change

2 Leading the change

  • Alignment and ownership within the leadership community of the transformation rationale, goals and approach
  • Alignment of the leadership style to that required in the transformed business
  • Explicit role modelling of the future leadership behaviours
  • Early engagement by leaders with the different layers of the organisation to create engagement, momentum and commitment to the purpose

3 Operating Model

  • An end-to-end view of key processes rather than functional/local views
  • Consideration of all the elements of the current and target operating model (TOM):
    • Organisation and skills
    • Processes and controls
    • Technology and data
  • Consideration of different service delivery models as a means to fulfil your TOM
  • Development of detailed ‘bottom-up’ business cases for each transformation project
  • Prioritisation of quick wins to establish momentum and focus

4 Engaging People

  • Understanding of how ready for change your organisation really is
  • Creation of a robust case for change that includes the ‘flight from’ and ‘flight to’
  • Identification and engagement of your change advocates at all levels of organisation
  • Ensurance that the behaviours of the organisation are aligned and enable to the new Operating Model
  • Development of an employee value proposition that is aligned to the transformation objectives
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate – fill the airwaves or the grapevine will

5 Delivering the change

  • Prevent the programme management processes becoming the focus of the transformation effort
  • Quickly establish the right level of governance to drive the transformation programme
  • Establish the key controls frameworks needed for risks, decisions, issues, interdependencies and assumptions
  • Pragmatic yet rigorous status reporting to drive decision-making and issue resolution
  • A robust approach for tracking implementation delivery

Cost reduction

In our approach, we use a zero-based budgeting approach with functional and cost reduction small and medium-size enterprises to rapidly size the prize and support delivery of benefits.

We can help you define and deliver cost reduction by:

  • stopping non-vale adding activity processes
  • resize the cost based on affordability
  • optimise value-adding activities to create a lean cost structure.

To achieve the maximum impact, cost-reduction programmes should go hand-in-hand with a fundamental operating model review​. ​This ensures you are delivering a ‘future-fit’ model that serves the current and future needs of the organisation with a lower total cost to serve​.

Programme management office (PMO)

In our approach to programme management office (PMO), we ensure that the foundations and pace of change is set and governed to help drive the successful delivery of your change initiatives from inception through to completion.

We can help you with:

Programme management office set up

  • Establishing a PMO that empowers and drives effective delivery a specific change or a transformation portfolio
  • Establishing a PMO that will bring together and leverage your existing performance infrastructure to ensure the successful delivery completion
  • Providing coaching and oversight to enable your staff to deliver the benefits of an effective PMO, and in add value to your change

Programme management office optimisation

Transforming an underperforming PMO into a value and results driven one, to better enable the achievement of your objectives, by:

  • auditing, analysing and implementing improvements by creating the right framework, processes, and structure aligned to your business needs
  • running PMO health checks to provide an objective, external evaluation of your current organisational PMO’s efficiency and effectiveness
  • assessing the performance and status of your portfolio or programme, in providing an objective view of it’s chances for success, and enabling the recovery of a failing project.

Programme delivery

Managing your PMO with the right governance, processes, tools and methods, and providing the insight, control and capabilities to successfully deliver from inception through to completion:

  • Manage your PMO by engaging with stakeholders at all levels to make immediate step changes, co-ordinate business change activity and embed lasting improvements
  • Work collaboratively with  you and your team, focussing on skills transfer and engagement
  • Drive and manage your project through the lifecycle to ensure successful delivery and realisation of benefits

Programme and project management

In our approach to programme and project management, we ensure that the foundations and pace of change are set and governed to help drive the successful delivery of a specific change initiatives from inception through to completion.

We can help you with:

Programme and project management delivery

  • Setting up a specific programme or project by implementing the right governance, processes, tools and methods and driving effective delivery and outcomes through robust insight, control and capabilities
  • Setting up and providing day-to-day management of a project to ensure successful delivery throughout the lifecycle

Programme and project management assurance

  • Providing an independent assessment of the overall performance and status of your change and transformation programmes
  • Running health checks to provide an objective, external evaluation of the overall status and performance of a project, including a pivotal assessment of whether it has captured the hearts and minds of the people who need to operate differently to deliver the change
  • Providing recommendations and proposed remediation plans to recover a failing project or gain buy-in from those impacted by the change