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Project and programme management

Significant costs, effort and senior management time are needed to be invested in projects, if they go wrong then these costs escalate immensely and planned benefits vanish completely.

Our Technology Advisory team understand the cause of these faults and how to develop methods to mitigate them. Our senior experienced IT project management team brings the balance of tools, experience and leadership to deliver success, and to be regarded by our clients as a critical factor in successful programme delivery.

Technology leaders face a complex set of challenges, including rising business and user expectations, pressure to deliver cost-effective services, stringent requirements for governance and risk management and the need to provide stable and available technology for business critical processes.

Considering examples across sectors, many of the larger corporate projects include IT change and aspects of business transformation. IT can be a workstream where most delays and budget overruns occur and is the first to be blamed for overall project failures.  However, when considering the drivers behind such projects and business factors influencing a successful project completion, it is obvious that there are other barriers and issues that tend to be forgotten: 

  • underestimation of complexity (technology, people, processes)
  • misalignment with business plans and objectives
  • undefined or vague scope without change nor scope control or tracking
  • inadequate project budgeting, cost and benefits analysis
  • assignment of highly utilised resources and project leaders
  • lack of communication and change management planning

How we help clients

The art in delivering successful projects on time, in budget and value, lies in mastering all project dimensions that can be grouped into:

  • strategic project management, focused on stakeholder value and business case analysis
  • technology and operational project content and delivery management, defining scope and detailed workstream plans and deliverables
  • organisational capabilities in project leaders, teams and project governance structures
  • communications and change management, aligning people and processes
  • best practice, structure and rigor in applied project management tools and methodology

Top performing projects are closely aligned with business plans, have a clear set of objectives and benefits to deliver against. They are led by effective and experienced teams with a multi-functional scope. As experienced project managers we all recognise that it is the diversity of the "project eco system"  and the implications of cost, people, outcomes and resources which dictate how successful the project is.

Our services include;

  • programme management of the implementation where we successfully lead complex programmes and transformation projects through a structured PMO driven process.
  • Applying a set of proven planning and monitoring tools that enable tracking of deliverables, resources, cost and benefits
  • post mortem reviews. We recognise that at times projects do not always progress as planned.  We have experience of rapidly assessing system projects and providing practical and workable recommendations to recover these programmes. 
  • programme assurance on business and technology change programmes.

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