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Digital transformation and efficiency

Digital transformation represents one of the most significant and current opportunities in the business environment to deliver growth and increase value across the whole organisation.

Digital is being discussed at all levels and in many forms, and being able to understand the potential that the digital agenda represents, and then to create a plan to execute and deliver those benefits should be at the heart of any ambitious organisations business strategy.

Digital progress in the UK and the international economies to date has been varied in levels of understanding, success and execution.

Organisations in sectors such as Financial Services and Online Retail are leading the way, developing solutions which engage clients, staff and products or services into one efficient business process, securing customer engagement, maximising revenues and providing a total view of the business operations and the organisations keys to success.

The public, as users of consumer and government services, are now expecting digital by default options to be available for  banking transactions, ordering goods or services and for sharing of information.  This digital expectation from the personal experience is naturally influencing those same users expectations in the business environment as well.

Less mature digital sector businesses need to learn from, and recognise, digital success and transform their ways of working across the business.  These changes can develop more efficient business operations, with improvements in supply chain performance, excellence in collaboration across the business, enhanced and real time business knowledge and data availability, and unlock potential new ways of engaging with customers and markets.

How we help clients

Motivating and assisting our clients to pursue, maintain and secure the benefits of digital solutions is at the core of our Digital Transformation teams' agenda and goals.  Unlocking your potential for the digital driven enterprise maybe constrained by knowledge or capability to execute. Our experience allows us to offer the most relevant best practise and insight from delivering successful digital transformation programmes across private and public sector environments, for UK and international clients. From the planning stage we can assist and guide through the fundamental challenges:

  • what are the strategic digital goals and opportunities for the business
  • what investment and resources are needed and what is the business case
  • what business processes change will be required to leverage the digital benefits
  • what technology environment, systems and data architecture is needed to meet the business plans 

We also have the skills and resource that can engage and drive the agenda forward, and execute the transformation. A digital health check, identifying where a business or organisation is currently at on the digital agenda versus a peer group of organisations, and examples from the leading digital sectors is a service proposition which can drive your benefits appraisal and identify real opportunities.

While supporting your organisational change processes to adopt and execute the digital plans, we recognise and understand the current perceived major barriers to digital agenda success. Legacy tools and systems is the most common challenge to transformation, with limited available time, skills and resources, and existing inefficient operational processes all to be overcome. 

Our team understand the detail of digital and, as a part of Business Consulting, are also expert in the challenges of transforming end to end business processes. We can advise on the importance of digital in a business focused language, and support the execution of the digital transformation detail. 

Our services can assist you to;

  • develop a digital strategy, based on business benefits and opportunities rather than being defined by detailed technical and IT plans
  • qualify and "health check" the status of your current digital operations compared to sector, market and industry benchmarks and best practice
  • plan business process change and transformation, delivering efficiency benefits and improved customer experiences and loyalty
  • create and control cross border omni-channel interactions for your business, in ecommerce, web, social media and mobile platforms
  • drive digital based collaboration and ways of working across your organisation
  • find ways to leverage your legacy IT and existing investments into responsive systems that will continue to adapt to the demands of your digital vision and strategy
  • enable the sharing of data and the flow of knowledge and ideas between departments and individuals to drive new avenues of innovation and differentiation

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