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In today’s uncertain economic environment there are many reasons why the challenges facing your business might be shifting.

A number of industries now operate in a low growth environment, with little immediate prospect of an improvement in organic revenue expansion. In some areas, low growth also reflects structural shifts in consumer preferences. Against this backdrop, for some of you the route to retaining your competitive edge will be to innovate, for others it will be to make acquisitions. For all of you, it will be to run lean and cost effective operations. 

Delivering improvements across the entire value stream 

We can support you through all these changes. Working with the right people is vital to ensuring you implement change successfully. At Grant Thornton understanding change is what we do.

Our approach is different. In a manufacturing business, everything starts and finishes with the customer. For us as advisers, the critical question is how can we help businesses add value for their customers? 

We understand the whole value chain and will look at your business as a whole to see how the different parts should work together. Our integrated approach combines strategic thinking with practical delivery of operational solutions. Where our mandate is to look at improving a specific function, our recommendations will still be informed by our understanding of the business as a whole. 

Our Operations Advisory Team can lead and support your business through the change process. We are a team with deep industry experience, change management heritage and practical operations expertise, who will work collaboratively with you to achieve world-class operations. 

We have recently helped clients on projects ranging from a 360° analysis of the operations of an underperforming three plant business, including management and leadership functions, to driving specific cash generation improvements at a single poorly performing manufacturing facility. 

Our services 

Our value stream-based approach encapsulates how a manufacturing business works and our range of services covers all areas of the value chain. We will work collaboratively with you to select the services which provide the right solution for your business.

Value stream-based approach