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Leadership, people and culture

The rapid evolution of technology, economic and social trends is changing the world of business. Companies need to innovate and adapt to change much more quickly, but the prevailing leadership style in many businesses prevents this from happening.

With available system and process efficiencies already achieved, many companies are looking to develop more innovative and empowered cultures that unlock growth through their people. To attract and retain talent from the millennial generation, companies need to incorporate wider environmental and ethical concerns and build sustainable organisations.

The public sector is changing too. Ever increasing demand against a backdrop of ‘perma-austerity’, more devolution and increased collaboration mean organisations need to rethink their culture and ways of working.

How we can help

We do this by working with our clients helping them to get a really good view of what exists in their organisation today using a combination of culture and organisation assessment. We work with them as they envision their purpose, future vision, strategy and culture and them assist as they start to implement their programme of change and re-invention. 

We work with leaders in teams and as individuals, putting in place change advocacy programmes, in the redesign of systems, processes and work practices so they align and support the new way of working they want to adopt and transferring the skills for this so they become self sufficient. Some clients just need small interventions others need a strategic change partner – we support with both.

Many businesses are merging, acquiring or divesting businesses as they mature and seek to stay competitive in their market places. We assist organisations pre, during and post merger, to align people and culture to realise strategic ambitions without eroding value, or losing valued talent.

We help our clients shape HR and people strategy; ensuring organisational goals are clearly and linked to the strategy of the HR function, and how these translate into clear objectives for people in the organisation. 


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