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Revenue leakage management

Many of our clients face rapidly changing business landscapes and substantial challenges to maintain competitive amidst intensifying market conditions, and evolving customer expectations.

Often there is a critical need to reduce operating costs via major structural changes, outsourcing and organisational or system transformation. But such transformations can be daunting to undertake and costly to implement.

Many businesses are still living with legacy business capabilities and weak internal business processes which exposes their clients to inefficiency, waste and high levels of internal errors.

These conditions often result in many businesses being exposed to material levels of ‘revenue leakage’ across some or all of their revenue streams. Some businesses are aware of the value they are leaking, but don’t have the capability to manage this risk, while others are still unaware of how much they are losing.

Improve your bottom line through effective revenue leakage management

How do we help our clients?

We support our clients to adopt the right approach for them to mitigate and manage the risk of revenue leakage for their business.

We provide a range of services to help them assess the extent of revenue leakage that exists within their organisation, and then tailor a programme of work to ensure they can adequately mitigate losses and address the underlying root causes of each failure in a prioritised manner.

Our approach combines targeted data analytics, system auditing, business process review and as required targeted improvement activities. It is a commercial and proven approach, underpinned by practical experience and a strong focus on clear ROI and compelling payback.

Our services

You can choose from a combination of the following defined service offerings.

  • Strategic revenue assurance (RA) review (organisation, KPI definition, objective setting) – we’ll review your current strategy in relation to RA, and help optimise it.
  • Line of business or product RA health check (financial and business control effectiveness) – we’ll review a particular line of business or product you offer and assess the effectiveness of the end to end control framework that ensures you are maximising profit.
  • Billing audits (contract to bill validation, reference data and business rules) – we’ll conduct targeted audits of your commercial contracts or your billing data to provide positive assurance and visibility of issues.
  • Loss analysis, mitigation and recovery – we’ll help you analyse your known losses, ensure you are mitigating them as much as possible and recovering as much as you reasonably can. 
  • Failure root cause analysis – we’ll help you to learn from past mistakes, extract key learnings and prevent future reoccurrence.
  • Specialist RA system selection and deployment support – we’ll help you understand when it’s right to invest in RA systems, choose the right solution and maximise the return from that investment.
  • Compliance management – we’ll help you to get fully compliant to relevant legislation and meet industry compliance standards.
  • Training and awareness – we’ll help you train up your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to do their jobs, and we’ll help you raise awareness of RA across your business.
  • Specialist RA resourcing and interim management – we’ll resources key roles that you might need urgent specialist support with, whilst you recruit your own team.
  • PMO and PM support – we’ll project, or programme, manage key initiatives or projects that you mobilise.