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Performance management

Aligning performance measures and indicators with corporate strategy is essential to the board's ability to confidently communicate progress to both internal and external stakeholders.

In our experience, many companies struggle to drive the linkage between its reported key measures and the achievement of its strategy.  To compensate, the finance function seeks to measure everything for fear of failing to identify the underlying drivers of business performance and value.

The result is an industry of reporting and metrics production with limited readership and therefore wasted effort.  From both the board and operational perspective, too many performance measures and indicators can actually hinder, rather than support, decision making.

Evidence-based decision making

A well-defined set of performance measures can be cascaded down through the organisation supporting business units, support functions and individuals alike, in aligning their day-to-day activities with corporate strategy. 

Providing the right data and metrics in a timely manner supports effective decision-making across the entire organisation.

Through the application of extensive experience and insight, supported by a proven methodology, we support clients in stripping back the layers of complexity from current approaches to performance management. We focus on the identification and implementation of a simple set of measures that support a better understanding of value.

Alongside the ability to make more effective decisions, our approach provides organisational agility and responsiveness, as well as supporting more effective internal communication.

Our services include;

  • Performance management process - linking business strategy to KPIs
  • Create the metrics, reports and analysis for decision support systems
  • Implement fit for purpose Finance, Planning & Analysis (FP&A) operating models
  • Designing and implementing budgeting, planning and forecasting processes  
  • Dashboarding
Director, Head of Finance & Working Capital Consulting

Alex Mumford

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