You read about Brexit constantly – but do you know what it actually means for your business?

Every organisation will feel the impacts of  Brexit. While the final outcome remains unclear, if you can navigate through the noise and ambiguity you can outperform the competition.

We've worked with many organisations at different stages of their preparation, we know how hard it can be.

However it might affect your business, our experts have in depth knowledge of the potential implications and can support you at every turn. Benefiting your organisation in the short, medium and long term, regardless of the specific outcome.

Taking a broader view of your Brexit plans

It is not just our relationship with the EU that is changing domestic politics. Volatility is the new normal and you must consider how possible political change will impact your business environment.

We bring together the political and regulatory insights of our public affairs specialists, to capture possible political impact and combine it with our technical expertise and business consulting advisers.

We drill into the implications of Brexit for each part of your business, drawing on our expertise in areas such as indirect tax and customs, data regulation, supply chains, talent and workforce management to ensure you're ready for what happens next.

We can also use this approach to assess your existing plans to ensure they cover every aspect and provide delivery confidence.

Develop and refine your Brexit plans

We will work with your leadership team to create or refine your Brexit plans by looking at your business as a whole via our nine lenses:

1 Customers and markets 

2 Tax and customs

3 Supply chain  

4 People

5 Regulation and legal

6 Funding and ownership

7 Core operations

8 Location

9 Future growth

We have a tried and tested half-day workshop, designed to challenge your existing thinking and create practical tailored plans for any eventuality. 

Looking to buy or sell a business? 

Brexit is creating considerable uncertainty and disruptive change in UK and European markets. This is an important factor to consider in any transaction.

We can provide an assessment of your potential Brexit risks, as well as identifying opportunities and competitive advantages. We can also identify mitigating actions which could be taken to manage these risks and any areas which may require further analysis.

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