Most businesses face significant rises in costs and need experts who understand the complex nature of billing from suppliers. With this complexity, problems can occur in your suppliers' billing platforms and you may have been unknowingly affected.

At Grant Thornton we know how complex the world of billing audit is. Our cost assurance team specialise in providing our clients with a full health check on all telecommunications and utilities costs incurred from suppliers over the past six years. Our aim is to ensure that your business has only paid for the services you have used.

By performing an independent retrospective audit of your billing, we could help your business by:

  • ensuring that bills presented by your suppliers' are in line with your contracts and relevant pricing mechanisms
  • ensuring you receive supplier refunds where errors have been made
  • ensuring consequential savings are identified and implemented immediately to your account
  • identifying errors that are more forensic and further down the supply chain, often residing within the suppliers' own billing systems.


We operate in a unique recovery audit arena and offer a 'win-win' service to your business.

  • Credentials – we have identified more than £100 million for clients to date
  • Centric – we only focus on telecommunications, energy and water
  • Experienced – knowledgeable team each with a minimum tenure of 16 years' expertise
  • Proficiency – we have delivered audits across all industry sectors and to large parts of the FTSE-350
  • Third parties – there is no effect on existing external relationships
  • Incentivised – there is no upfront cost to your business – we work purely on a contingency fee basis
  • Effortless – there is little input required from our client as most information can be obtained directly from suppliers
  • Comprehensive – we provide a fully managed end-to-end process from start to finish
  • Risk-free – we are only paid once rebates are delivered to our client
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