Issues relating to real estate will almost certainly touch upon your organisation in one way or another - whether you are an owner-occupier or tenant. Real estate can be a significant cost to businesses and is often overlooked.

The UK real estate  investment market has enjoyed high levels of capital inflow, our goal is to help you benefit from these opportunities and unlock your potential for growth.

Capitalise on real estate value, maximise returns while minimising risk and cost

Our Real Estate advisory team is multi-disciplinary containing individuals with industry experience in residential and commercial development, asset management, real estate finance and occupier solutions. 

  • Strategy: Plan and develop your real estate strategy so it supports your business objectives. By drawing on our extensive experience, our team can provide you with innovative solutions to the challenges facing your business today. We can help advise on development strategy, planning, procurement, cost-control, risk-management and value maximisation
  • Real estate funding: We can help you select the right type of finance in the most effective manner. We understand the complex funding landscape, we have experience of fund raising for real estate developers, investors and operating businesses
  • Real estate restructuring: From setting out the strategy to due diligence, risk identification and mitigation. We understand your goals to ensure our advice is consistent with the objectives of shareholders, investors or creditors. And provide strategic advice alongside the capacity to execute.
  • Real estate platform optimisation: We understand the short and long term impacts of real estate issues on all businesses.  We cover efficiency improvement, cost reduction and operational stability.  We look for ways in which real estate can help realise an organisation's corporate and strategic ambitions
  • Real estate data analytics: We provide comprehensive private rented sector analytics.  Our data analytics platform enables us to provide investors, developers and governmental bodies with bespoke reports underpinned by current real estate, demographic, socio-economic and environmental data creating a multi-dimensional analysis of any opportunity. 

Our solutions