Grant Thornton UK LLP is listed as a supplier under a wide range of major public sector procurement frameworks including:

Crown Commercial Service - ConsultancyONE (RM1502)

  • Lot 2.1 - Policy Development and Advice
  • Lot 4.1 - Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy
  • Lot 4.4 - Economic Analysis
  • Lot 5.1 - Internal Audit and Advice
  • Lot 5.3 - Financial Audit and Investigation
  • Lot 5.4 - External Audit and Advice

ESPO - Consultancy Services Framework (Ref. no. 664-17)

  • Lot 2a – Auditing Consultancy
  • Lot 2b – Auditing Services
  • Lot 2c – General Finance
  • Lot 4b – Social Care (Adults)
  • Lot 4c – Social Care (Children)
  • Lot 10 – Strategic Projects

East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) - Financial Audit Services Framework

  • Lot 1 – External Audit 
  • Lot 2 – Internal Audit 
  • Lot 3 – Counter Fraud 
  • Lot 4 – Internal Audit and Counter Fraud 
  • Lot 5 – Consultancy Audit Services (additional services).

As a supplier under these frameworks we have been subject to a rigorous procurement process, ensuring we offer the scope, value for money and quality services required by customers in the public sector. The pre-agreed terms and conditions also offer customers contractual safeguards.

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