Did you know that 39%* of frauds are initially detected by a whistleblower? Organisations should have policies and procedures in place that encourage employees and other stakeholders to disclose concerns regarding financial and other irregularity. This is especially the case for listed companies whose obligations under the Corporate Governance Code include maintaining a sound system of internal control.

Helping businesses and their employees cope with sensitive situations

CARE (Confidential Anonymous Reporting for Employees) is an anonymous reporting service that allows employees, contractors, suppliers, or other interested stakeholders to report unethical or unlawful incidents to a company - confidentially. CARE is independently operated for our clients by the forensics and investigations practice.

Use CARE to report instances that may include, but are not limited to:

  • A criminal offence
  • Breach of a legal obligation
  • A miscarriage of justice
  • Danger to the health and safety of any individual
  • Damage to the environment
  • The deliberate concealment of information regarding any of the above categories

Our CARE whistleblowing programme benefits for business include:

  • Calls are taken by trained forensic investigators Compliance with codes of good corporate governance
  • Effective and low-cost deterrence against inappropriate work place behaviour
  • Support of the operations of the audit committee and the internal audit function
  • Assistance in formulating and implementing risk management strategy
  • Identification of poor control processes and weak internal control

CARE features:

  • Coding of complaints to maintain anonymity
  • Audit committee access to anonymous complaints
  • Third-party reports management Established reporting processes and procedures
  • Employee awareness of the program Internal control disclosure
  • Safeguarding against retaliation
  • Investigation of complaint
  • Access 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Secure website access
  • Anonymous e-mail access
  • Confidential 0800 Number
  • Secure postbox
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Your CARE team

CARE services are administered by a dedicated team of experienced and professional forensic accounting and investigative services professionals, practiced in the techniques of discreet, but thorough, investigation. The CARE online service is hosted in Canada. Trained investigators take calls in the UK for UK-based callers.

*Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (2016) Nations
on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.

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