Do you want to ensure compliance with corporate governance rules?

Are you about to list on the main market or AiM? Corporate failures around the world have put the spotlight firmly on UK governance practices.

Regulatory arbitrage is driving businesses to seek access to the London capital markets, but investors now expect good governance structures irrespective of compliance requirements. As organisations seek to give stakeholders greater confidence, they face ever increasing pressure to demonstrate best practice corporate governance. 

Whether your company is fully listed or a private company wishing to adopt best practice, we work with you to develop bespoke solutions that strengthen governance structures which will underpin corporate performance as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

Corporate governance design

We will work with you to identify key strategic drivers, operational processes and key inherent risks. Armed with this baseline data, we then work with you to ensure that your corporate governance structures fulfil the requirements of your key stakeholders, while all the time supporting, rather than hindering, your performance.

Corporate governance compliance

Our service draws upon Grant Thornton's annual FTSE350 Corporate Governance review and our deep experience of best practice to develop and deliver pragmatic recommendations for improvement in governance practices and enables us to benchmark you against your competitors. Our FTSE350 review is a leading barometer of governance practices and has been used by the Financial Reporting Council in developing their guidance on corporate governance for listed companies. 

Board effectiveness reviews

Inherent in any top-performing organisation is an effective top team. Our approach to reviewing board effectiveness (which is required under the Combined Code) is to facilitate a comprehensive review of board activities that support performance in the organisation as well as ensuring the niceties of complying with the combined code.

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