In the current climate, where society's trust in business is at an all-time low, a demonstrable and effective governance culture is essential if a company is to hold the trust of both its shareholders and wider stakeholders.

Our governance advisory team includes experts in governance practices, business psychologists, executive coaches and leadership development specialists. 

We support organisations in the public, private and third sectors in shaping fit-for-purpose governance structures and practices that underpin trust with all stakeholders. We assist in the identification and development of effective leaders, and create environments in which boards operate to their full potential.

Our services

Benchmarking and best practice guidance

What are the best practice insights you’d like to glean from your competitors’ boardrooms? Do you have clarity on how your current practices compare to new or upcoming governance codes?

We have 17 years' experience of assessing annual reports and a unique best practice database that holds more data than any other UK governance researcher. We’ll use that insight to tell you how your governance structures and reporting compare to your peers, and help you ensure that they are fit for purpose. 

Governance restructuring

Governance structures are critical not only to enable a greater pace of change but also to assist in making that change sustainable.

If you are experiencing issues around the implementation of strategy; a significant change event has occurred which means that your current governance framework is no longer fit for purpose; or if you want to check that you have the right structures in place, we can help. We facilitate the design and implementation of corporate frameworks which balance the greater needs of stakeholders, manage risk, enable performance and support innovation.

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Board effectiveness

For your business to succeed, your board will need to successfully navigate through tough conversations. If the dynamics in the boardroom aren't working or aren't fit to meet future challenges, it can undermine the effectiveness of the board.

We undertake board evaluations to assess a board's effectiveness to meet both present and future needs. We provide senior management, executive, and board-level coaching. Our high potential assessments and development programmes are focused on supporting succession planning.

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