Trevor Newman Head of group risk and healthcare London +44 (0)20 7728 2566

As head of group risk and healthcare I lead a team of brilliant consultants who make a difference every day in the lives of people whose employers provide them employee benefits such as life assurance, medical cover, disability plans and wellbeing services. We provide this service to 30,000-plus employees and manage more than £6 million of insurance premiums on behalf of clients.

Our aim is to guide clients through the complexities of employee benefit provision while still ensuring that the benefits provided are valued and understood by their people. Recently we helped an NGO save $200,000 on their healthcare premium for their employees overseas. We helped establish a new flexible benefits plan for a financial services client in Leeds that saved then £500,000 in national insurance contributions. We have helped make insurance claims on behalf of our clients that over the past three years have paid out over £1.5 million to employees and their beneficiaries.

I am a regular speaker on topics ranging from self-insurance risks, employee wellbeing and managing organisational stress.

I relax by playing the guitar and imagining going on tour with Led Zepplin, and when I am not butchering the classics I am a husband and father, and make a mean cheese toastie.