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Businesses are essentially communities of people striving, at their best, to achieve a common purpose. It is no surprise that so many of the conversations I have with business leaders end up focussing on people issues. People are key to the success of the business. My privilege is to spend my days engaging with people around the people challenges in their business communities.

I love collaborating with clients to find solutions to these challenges. These might arise from inside the organisation with change such as a business restructure or merger. They also come from external factors such as high employment rates putting pressure on recruitment and retention or rising wages taxes putting pressure on margins.

With my team I deliver solutions ranging from cost and tax efficient pay and benefits arrangements, share and incentive schemes to reward performance, to designing and managing expatriate assignments. As well as managing costs, we manage tax risk including compliance reviews and training, outsourced preparation of payrolls, tax returns and related employer reporting, and negotiating disputes with HMRC.  

In a volatile, globalised world there is always a fresh challenge for an employer and, whether meeting a household name large corporate or start-up, after 30 years in this business I still love getting involved. My work fits with my personality and passion. My personality needs to be pushed not to settle into a comfort zone, so just this year I took up horse-riding.  My passion is for building better communities, where I'm active with community engagement  locally and more widely in Europe. It's a joy to find this resonance in my day job where I find challenge to create solutions for employers that make their workplace a better community for their people.

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