Jonathan Riley Partner, Head of Quality and Reputation London +44 (0)113 200 1542

I am a member of our Strategic Leadership Team, with responsibility for quality and reputation. I focus my time in ensuring that outstanding quality and protection of our reputation is embedded into the DNA of all in our business, and that client experience is second to none. I am the key relationship partner with our regulators. I speak regularly on matters of quality and trust, both on broad regulatory matters and on building trust in the integrity of financial markets, to help shape a vibrant economy.

I work with dynamic organisations and people on a daily basis, whether entrepreneurial businesses, high net worth individuals or corporates, or with colleagues across the UK and the globe.

Building on my early years as inspector of taxes and as a senior policy adviser to the president of the board of trade, and then working in various parts of the country, I have more than 30 years' experience advising on a range of tax issues relating to disposals, acquisitions, AIM, anti-avoidance, capital allowances, capital gains tax, and property tax.  

One of my areas of focus I am passionate about is working with government ministers, opposition parties and within Whitehall to ensure that the voice of our clients is heard, with particular regard to their potential to grow.

When I’m not working, I can be found spending time with my wife and children in Yorkshire where I enjoy cycling, walking, cooking and the arts.