I started advising charities over 20 years' ago where I developed a huge passion for the sector. Having worked with some of the largest charities in the UK, I am fully equipped to advise organisations on many areas aside from my background of audit, including strategy and governance. My SORP Committee membership also gives me first-hand knowledge of the technical direction of travel for the sector.

I lead the not for profit sector group, one of the largest sectors within Grant Thornton, both from a UK perspective, and also globally. Not for profit in its widest sense means my teams are working with charities, some of the largest universities and housing associations across the UK. Collaborating globally, means I am able to put organisations operating internationally in touch with our member firms, therefore providing a seamless approach.

I lead many sector initiatives including an annual governance review of the top 100 charities, a report that has become a valuable piece of research in the sector, and NFP Interchange, a forum designed for non-executive directors of large, not for profit organisations, which I co-chair with the Guardian three times a year.

When I'm not busy working, I can be found enjoying life in the Sussex countryside with my horses, cats and human family members.

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