Buckinghamshire Limited

Now in its sixth year, Buckinghamshire Limited was launched to give a unique insight into the performance of the Buckinghamshire business community.

The survey analyses the financial performance of the county's leading privately owned companies. This provides a yardstick against which the county can assess its economic performance and businesses can benchmark themselves against their peers. Buckinghamshire Limited is conducted by Grant Thornton's Milton Keynes based team and is the latest in a series of detailed business analyses by county. Since its launch in 2013, the event is quickly becoming a recognised occasion in the county’s business calendar. 

How Buckinghamshire Limited is compiled

Buckinghamshire Limited is a study of the county's 100 largest privately owned companies, based on turnover, who have their principal trading address in Buckinghamshire. The population excludes companies that are listed or owned by listed or overseas businesses, or by larger corporates located outside of the region.

The report is compiled using the most recent publicly available financial statements and the results are derived from the current and previous year's financial performance of the 100 constituent members to allow a year on year comparison.


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Buckinghamshire Limited
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